Multiple-Choice Section

1. “Where __________ from?” “I’m from England.”

2. We live in __________ house in London.

3. I have two __________, a boy and a girl.

4. I work in a __________. I’m a teacher.

5. This is my sister. __________ name’s Susan.

6. __________ four people in my family

7. I get up __________ school in the morning.

8. Excuse me, __________ speak English?

9. “__________ were you at the weekend?” “I was in London.”

10. Harry will meet __________ at school.

11. It’s Sam’s birthday on Monday. He __________ be 16, I think.

12. “Do you sell coffee?” “Yes, we do. How __________ do you want?”

13. “Is this a good time to talk?” “Sorry, no. I __________ lunch.”

14. I’d like __________ sugar in my tea, please.

15. My brother __________ football very well.

16. Jerry __________ that he can read well.

17. Do you want to listen to the radio or __________ TV?

18. We’re going to a play tonight. __________ you like to come?

19. I like this house, but the __________ is too expensive for me.

20. How do you __________ to the train station?

21. I think walking is less dangerous __________ cycling.

22. Do you ever ask your friends to do favours __________ you?

23. __________ ever been to California?

24. “I got about four hours of sleep last night.” “That’s not __________.”

25. If you __________ something from a friend, you should always return it promptly.

26. People were amazed that the robbery took place in a __________ street.

27. Can you help me? I’ve tried __________ key on the ring and can’t find the correct one.

28. Maria used to find work uninteresting __________ she became an actress.

29. The first time I __________ Julie was in Greece.

30. My father’s French, so __________ the language has been quite easy for me.

31. The police threatened __________ on strike if their pay didn’t get increased.

32. At the age of 17, I __________ not to go to work until I finished university.

33. I __________ outside the community centre when suddenly a police car arrived.

34. If I __________ closer to my friend’s house, I could walk to her house every day.

35. My teacher advised me __________ more time to study.

36. Juan __________ married since he was 23.

37. I’ve finished this sandwich and I’m still hungry. I __________ ordered more food.

38. Having __________ his driving test many times, Jack finally passed on the fifth attempt.

39. The police officers claimed that they acted in self-__________.

40. Some married couples seem to look more __________ over time.

41. Jazz music always __________ me of my trip to New Orleans.

42. The amount of organically-grown food sold in stores has __________ enormously in recent months.

43. Percy tends to put __________ dealing with problems, rather than trying to solve them.

44. If the bus hadn’t stopped for us, we __________ standing in the snow.

45. I’m afraid your car __________ repaired before next month.

46. I lived in England, so I was used to __________ on the left side of the road.

47. Ian __________ working on this report for a few days and he hasn’t made much progress yet.

48. I prefer to buy books __________ download stories from my computer.

49. By the end of tomorrow’s seminar, he will __________ to each of you for five minutes.

50. I don’t know how much this book costs. The price label’s __________ off.


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